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Corlon Properties Inc. is pleased to introduce the latest phase of The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale – Meadowlands of Sunningdale.   Located on the south side of Sunningdale Road between Richmond Street and Wonderland Road, Meadowlands of Sunningdale is sure to sell out quickly as it offers many of the same features that made previous phases of The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale so popular. 

Meadowlands of Sunningdale includes single family homes and low density condominiums in an area that features a number of ravine lots backing onto the beautiful Medway Valley in close proximity to Sunningdale Golf & Country Club, parkland and schools. The first phase of Meadowlands of Sunningdale was released in 2012 and is proving to be just as popular as previous phases. The second phase of Meadowlands of Sunningdale was released in the spring of 2014.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Meadowlands of Sunningdale

Where is Meadowlands of Sunningdale located?  Along the South side of Sunningdale Road between Richmond Street and Wonderland Road.  Below is a GOOGLE MAPS view of the area, centered on Meadowlands of Sunningdale's  location.

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PHASE 1 and PHASE 2:
What is the timing for when lots in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be available? 
 Lot sales are now underway for Phase 1 and Phase 2. For builder inventory and contact information for each lot, click [ HERE ] for the site plan.  Full building permits are now available.

What is the price range of homes in this development?   Homes will be comparable to those built in previous phases of The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale.  

Are you building condominiums? Where?  Condos are planned for a block adjacent to Sunningdale Road.   All condos will be designed to complement the Neighbourhood.  For condo builder contact information, click [ HERE ].

Is there an overall theme/lifestyle of this subdivision?  An upscale development which is expected to set itself apart from other Neighbourhoods through enhanced design features similar to those displayed in previous phases of The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale.  You can view the SAMPLE FEATURES gallery below to see what some of the site features look like in previous Phases.

  Sample Features    (8 pictures)

  Sample Homes   (8 pictures)

What is the overall style of the homes being built?  We expect the majority to be similar in style to those built in earlier phases of The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale.  You can view the SAMPLE HOMES gallery above to get an idea of what some of the homes look like.

Are the builders custom builders? Or build set designs?  The builders will build custom homes and they will have suggested designs to choose from.  The builders that have been selected to build in the Meadowlands of Sunningdale are:

Bridlewood Homes
Crown Homes of London
Graystone Custom Homes
Harasym Developments
Aleck Harasym Homes
Bruce McMillan & Company
Domus Developments
Wasko Developments
Wastell Builders Group
Click on any Builder's name to view their website

What are the advantages of buying from these builders?  Our builders have been selected because of their reputations for building quality homes of attractive design, attention to detail, and for their follow up after the sale.

Do certain builders own specific lots?   We wish to confirm that we have completed the selection of the lots by our builders. This information is now displayed on the site plan. Lot purchases can be made through the home builders that have been selected to operate in this area and as such, enquiries should be directed to the individual builders.

Is the overall development controlled as to look/tone/streetscape/landscaping etc… or is it up to the individual home buyer/builder?  Controls will be in place to ensure a quality development and landscaping is expected to be enhanced over the level generally seen in comparable developments.

What environmental considerations are being taken into account in this development?    The city has established controls which Corlon will meet in completing the development.  There will be a high degree of care taken with the buffer of the Medway Valley ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) and the related plantings in that area.

How can I stay informed as to the progress of Meadowlands of Sunningdale?  Stay tuned to this website for further information, or you can contact us by phone at 519-660-6200 or via the web by clicking [ HERE ].

Information on the Developer

Corlon Properties specializes in the development of land in the Sunningdale area.  Our first phase within the Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale was recognized by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association with an award for Project of the Year – Low Rise in 2004.  In the same year this development was recognized as a finalist within the Community Development award category by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.  Sunningdale West was presented in 2008 and has cemented The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale's reputation as the premier development in London.